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Our Mission


For many years it has been my desire to build a secure and clean place for the abandoned children of Honduras.  I began traveling to Honduras in 1986 and personally witnessed the great need that exists there. I saw so many children living in poverty, on the streets in need of attention, care, love and a safe place to call home.


Statistics in Honduras show a large population of abandoned children living in the streets subject to gangs, prostitution, abuse and worst yet being killed on a daily basis.

   Our Goal:


1)      To provide a clean to place to live

2)      To provide hot daily meals

3)      To build a chapel so they can get to know the God who created them.

4)      A place of love, compassion, and care            

5)      Build a clinic to provide medical care

6)      Build a vocational school where they can learn trades with the ultimate goal             of helping them become an integral part of society

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