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Our History

After a trip to Honduras in November of 2000, I shared with my father Ernesto Vazquez Sr., my deep concern in establishing a “place of refuge”, for so many abandoned kids in this loved country.  He said that he would help me start a project with this idea, but suddenly he went to be with the Lord.  His inheritance was not much, just $1,500.00 my part.  I contacted my brother in the Bronx, Ernesto Vazquez Jr., and told him that I would not touch a penny of this money, instead I told him of my desire to dedicate this money to start an Orphanage, and if he was willing to help me. 

He immediately told me about such a great idea and said, you can count with my inheritance too.  I thanked God, and immediately I opened a bank account for this purpose, while started a campaign among our Christian people of our churches.


I did not loose too much time, I wrote Pastor Felipe Martinez in Honduras, what I had in my heart and asked about the cost of a piece of land for the establishment of an Orphanage.  After a while, he answered that we could find a nice piece of land for $3,000.  That was exactly what I had.  I wrote him back to go ahead and find a piece of land like that.


In March of 2003, on an old bicycle, he started going around the outskirts of the city of Siguatepeque and Taulabe, and one day he called me and said that he found a teacher that was transferred and wanted to sell

his land, for 54,000 lempiras (Honduras’ money), exactly $3,000.00. 

I told him to please set the contract that I would send the money.


This was the beginning of the project for the Children’s Orphanage. 

In December of 2003 we closed the deal for the land in the Bo. El Carrizal, Taulabe Municipality, near the city of Siguatepeque. Imediatedly I started

to write to all my family, friends, church people and Pastors, as soon

I started to receive money for the beginning of the construction Project.


In November 19, 2004 I visited the place and was exited about the work already going on in the place. In March of 2005 we hired a lawyer

in San Pedro Sula and started the paperwork for the Incorporation of the Organization with a cost of about $3,000.00.  Soon we found that we could not called “orphanage”, the proper name in Honduras is “Casa Hogar” (House/Home).  So we registered it as “Association of the Educational Ministry & Casa Hogar “Mis Corderitos”, Inc.


As the construction continued, we found ourselves very short of money,

but after a prayer session, God opened the doors and money started pouring in from many sources.  Thanks to Him, in December of 2007

we finished the construction of the main building, consisting of six rooms (11’ x 54’ in size). A room for males, females, dining, clinic and meetings, chapel and an office.


Soon we found the need to start a construction of a three room house

to welcome visitors and thank God, we completed it in December of 2008, ready to start business.


Now the focus was on the personnel, and in the area we found a retired nurse, willing to help us start, therefore we confided in her to find the other needed people, such as two helpers to cover a three hour shifts, a cook, and a cleaning lady.



On Monday, January 5th, 2009, a call was received by our lawyer,

by the Government Agency for Family Affairs (IHNFA), that they had some children in need of placement.  So it was Friday, January 9th, that the first seven children were picked up at their Offices

in Tegucigalpa and brought to our place.


At their arrival, Mrs. Lucia Diaz-Doblado, the nurse had purchased enough food, fixed the newly custom made beds, and clean clothes from a previous shipment to make sure that each one was warmly welcomed.  And thank God, we have been extremely blessed to start a new ministry, having in mind to care of the abandoned and orphans of this Country.


Two more children were placed on Feb. 25th and another one on March 2nd. As of  1/27/2011 we  have a total of fourteen precious children, ranging from ages 5 to 12. 


In June of 2009, the Rev. Jose Luis Aguilar and his wife Martha,

were instructed by our National Supervisor in Honduras, the Rev. Concepción, to consider the resignation as Pastor of his Church

in Danli, El Paraiso, to become the Supervisor for the Orphanage

and his wife to be the Program Director.  God directed them to

accept the positions and now they have become the proud parents

of fourteen children, whom very happily call them “papi”(daddy)

and “mami” (mommy).  They also call Rev.Vazquez, “abuelo” (grandpa), and Eliezer (Elliot) is called “tio” (uncle).


Now we humbly appeal to all with a tender heart to extend their hands and send us your most needed financial help, so we can carry on this important mission.


Thank you kindly for your prayers and help.  Remember all donations are Tax Exempt in the United States and Honduras.  

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