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Our Founder

The Reverend William Vazquez-Velez, Th. M., was born in the City

of Arecibo, Puerto Rico, and today, at the age of 80, after open heart surgery, a pace maker, continues his ministry as lifetime President of International Pentecostal Churches Alpha & Omega.  Rev. Vazquez has

a profound missionary vision and obedience to the command of Jesus Christ, who said:  Go into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature.”  Also moved by the scriptural verse of Ecclesiastes 9:10,  “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with your might;…” continues his ministry developing projects, writing books, preparing Leadership Manuals, and extending his hand to the needy, like helping the the childen of missionaries in different countries since 1986, and now the development of “My Little Lambs” Orphanage, in Honduras, C. A.


The Rev. Vazquez, came to the United States in 1956, after serving two years in the United States Army in Puerto Rico.  After re-enlistment for three more years, was transferred to Canada.  It was here that he was first diagnosed with heart desease and was returned to the US in 1959 for medical treatment.

Graduated from Dr. Maria Cadilla de Martinez High School in Arecibo, Puerto Rico; US Army two year College Degree; Spanish American Bible Institute of New York; Social Worker Technology of New Jersey;

a Masters in Theology from the International Theological Seminary

of Plymouth, Florida, graduating with a Magna Cum Laude honor.


Married for over 56 years (2015), with Mrs. Aurea Esther Vazquez, with 10 beautiful children, 23 grand children and 7 great-great grand child.


Professor of theology, teacher in various Bible Institutes for over 43 years.  At the present time he serves as Superintendent: Educational Department of the Alpha & Omega Bible Institute and Director of the Alpha & Omega Seminary Correspondence Course.

Rev. Vazquez-Velez was a representative of the New York Bible Society; President of the New York Children Association; Secretary of Pentecost Feast of New York; New Jersey State Social Worker; Notary Public; Director of the Bible School of America; Founder of the Educational Ministry for Poor Students of Foreign Countries; Pastor in Brooklyn and Manhattan, New York; Pleasantville N.J, Atlantic City N.J and Millville, N.J


Rev. Vazquez-Velez has served as the International President of the Federation of Pentecostal Churches Alpha & Omega, Inc., over forty one years, establishing and supervising over 300 hundred missions in thirteen countries: United States, Puerto Rico, The Caribbean, Central and South America and Europe.   He has been a frequent traveler since 1978.


He has dedicated his last 15 years to establishing a place of refuge for the orphans, abandoned and mistreated children of Honduras.  With the help of his family, friends and Missions that he has contributed so much, today he is proud to announce the orphanage is now in its 9th year

of operations.


I humbly thank God for the opportunity of serving Him in these areas and hope that you be touched by His merciful hands to help us continue with this project to reach hundreds in extreme need.

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